Beijing Multi-District released the latest epidemic prevention measures 9 people escaping into and out of Beijing inspection

Original title: 9 people escaping into and out of Beijing inspection, the epidemic prevention situation is still serious, in order to avoid aggregated epidemics, yesterday, the city, Haidian, Shunyi, Changping and other districts released the latest epidemic prevention measures, maximize compression Offline activity size. In addition, Dongcheng, Haidian, Tongzhou and other districts have also increased supervision and inspection of epidemic prevention. Among them, Dongcheng District has notified more than 80 epidemic prevention issues yesterday. Tongzhou District strictly investigates violates the import and export of exhibition and control requirements to escape the illegal act, and 9 people have been dealive since October 22. Multi-district released the latest epidemic prevention measures Maximum compression line Activity Size Beijing Youth Daily reporters notice that the Xicheng Wenta Bureau issued a notice yesterday that from October 30th to November 14th, the annihilation of the movie screen of the entire district Sexual activity. Haidian District Wenxiao also issued a notice, from October 30, the whole district song and dance entertainment venue, the scene, the performance site, Internet cafes suspend business; the cultural and art training institutions suspected the line training, all adjust as online training Way.

Shunyi District requires reducing non-necessary cross-regional activities, adheres to not necessarily no district, and venture area is not necessary. At the same time, it is required to do a good job of "11 syndrome" health monitoring. Strengthen the management of the "Elderly Group", severely crack down on illegal business activities in accordance with the law; strengthen social examination epidemic prevention management, adhere to "who is supervised, who is responsible".

In addition, from 0 this day, Changping District Hospital suspends nucleic acid detection of the "Wishing Examination" personnel. People who need nucleic acid detection are required to other testing agencies.

Previously, the hospitals that have been approved in the hospital nucleic acid detection outpatients have been resolved. Dongcheng notified a number of epidemic prepatients, do not implement companies, catering, supermarkets, etc. Recently, Dongcheng District is strictly carried out in accordance with the prevention and control requirements of superiors, and continues to strengthen supervision and inspection. Yesterday, Dongcheng District conducted a centralized circulation of issues found in the inspection. North Youth Daily noted that this notification involved more than 80 companies or market mains, including hotel, convenient supermarkets, restaurants, etc.

There are major problems, and they did not require guests to fill in the capital of Beijing. The killing record did not update in time, and the entrant did not warm the temperature, the staff did not wear masks. For example, Hanting Star (Shanghai) Hotel Management Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Heping Rivi Street Branch), Hanting (Beijing Peace Rivi Street), Hanting, Beijing and Pingli West Street, did not requiring guests to pay in Beijing; Ltd. (Zhao Dafu weight loss) did not check the code to measure the temperature as required; Bao Rong Hutong No. 29 Johkang laundry store clerk did not wear mask; Zhongxianfu Lane 10 Tianci Zhonggang Hotel front desk unattended, no code temperature measurement; Some clerk wearing a mask in Sai Shucheng, No. 40 Search. Tongzhou strictly examines the escaping of the illegal act, 7 pieces of the incidence of incidence of incidence yesterday, Tongzhou District issued a news, since this round of epidemics, the general public consciously fulfilled personal epidemic prevention responsibilities, actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control, but there is still someone else Fortunately, I am in my life, interfere with the overshoot prevention and control.

Since October 22, Tongzhou police have combined all kinds of involvemental violations in accordance with the law, and there were 7 incidence of incidence, and 9 administrative detention. At 19 o’clock on October 23, at 1 o’clock on October 24, in Tongzhou District Yongle Check Station, Zhang Moufei, Han Shiliang used the forged trip to enter Beijing, and transferred to the Western Western Police Station. People are administited according to law. At 14 o’clock on October 24, the Yongle Check Station was verified by the Beijing Personnel, and found that Momo Military use forged nucleic acid reports, after administrative detention according to law.

At 15 o’clock on October 26, the police of the Subso Shop Inspection Station will falsify the nucleic acid detection report of the Rong and the use of the forged report, and the 2 people were administited according to law. At 21 o’clock on October, the police of the Baimiao Inspection Station inspected a van, and Guo, who was suspected of avoiding inspections in the end of the carriage, and helped him to avoid the examination, and the 2 people were Executive detention according to law.

On October 26, the civilian police of Niu Fortun at Dadder’s inspection station will be discounted to Huang, who is in violation of the Huang.

At 9 o’clock on the same day, I will try to escape from Zhao Mou East, who is entering Beijing.

After the 2 per capita is destined according to law. Text / This reporter Li Zewei Wang Binwang Wei (Editor: Gao Xing, Bao Congying) Share more people to see.