Getting up, doing four things, getting slim is easy

Getting up, doing four things, getting slim is easy

After doing these things, you can easily lose weight after getting up.

Do you feel very tempted?

Don’t hesitate, set your alarm clock and go to lose weight early tomorrow morning.

  Drinking a cup of boiled water after a cup of boiled water in the morning of 7:00 will not only help to urinate quickly, but also replenish cell water.

Permanent blood viscosity.

Usually half an hour after boiled water, the body will expel the metabolites of the previous night.

In addition, boiled water does not contain protein, traces, impurities, will definitely not affect the weight loss effect, but also make your skin better.

  7:05 Slimming Yoga, the most effective time to practice yoga during the day is: two hours before sunrise in the morning and two hours before sunset in the afternoon.

It is also a good choice to practice yoga after getting up. It can not only slim down, but also replenish energy for your body, so that you can be full and comfortable.

  Call the muscles at the beginning, do two days and three minutes of deep breathing.

When inhaling, the abdomen contracts.

When the call is exhaled, there is a feeling that the nasal breath is brought to the spine.

Fractures to the body: In the process of preparing for exercise, it can promote the flow of oxygen in the muscles.

The benefits of the spirit: a calm and peaceful state of mind.

  The body stretches out and the shape rises like a stretch, but it has to be increased.

If you are lying on a bed, you can use both hands to grasp the bed above the head (or the two sides of the body connected to the double-sided bed), and raise the legs with one leg in turn (or both legs).

Slightly lift your legs and slow down when you fall back.

Do 20 times.

Helps reduce excess aunt in the lower abdomen, strengthen abdominal muscle strength, and increase the elasticity of the abdominal muscles.

  Side waist stretching Put your right hand on your right bone or your foot and place your left hand on your left rib.

Then turn left and expand your body so that your left foot is on the same line as your right foot, turning your left foot so your left toe is forward and the right toe is sideways.

If you feel comfortable at this point, lift your left arm straight into the ceiling so that it is in line with your upper right.

Keep your spine straight and look at your left arm. If this will hinder your complications, you can look ahead.

Breathe, then change for another oxide.

  This action is effective in reducing the waist, hips and excess meat, strengthening the waist, chest muscle strength, and strengthening the kidney.

  The end of the relaxation exercise is lying or sitting quietly, listening to your breath.

Then smile.

This is “Mouth Yoga”, which can help you improve your facial muscles and make your mood happy.

  7:20 Bathing After 5-10 minutes of rest after yoga, then a simple shower, your body will feel very comfortable.

And when your body temperature increases, your metabolism will increase, and you will also consume a portion of your calories. The water temperature is best at 38-39 °C.

  7:30 fasting to eat 15 dried red dates and red dates, containing protein, traces, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and rich vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and can promote gastrointestinal motility,Replenishing qi and strengthening the spleen can also enhance physical fitness, delay aging, and promote blood and beauty.

  If you don’t like to eat dried red dates, you can also make jujube tea or soup.

Black fungus red jujube soup is delicious and beautiful.

  [Black fungus red jujube soup]Material: 10 red dates, 15 grams of black fungus, crystal sugar amount.

  Practice: 1.

Rinse the red dates, soak them in water for about 2 hours, remove them, and remove the jujube core.


The black fungus is soaked in water and washed.  3.

Put the red dates and black fungus into the soup pot, add the appropriate amount of water, rock sugar, and steam for about 1 hour.

  In the morning, there is usually no time to cook. MM can cook a large pot in advance, put it in the refrigerator, and drink it in the morning to drink it!

  Doing these four things in the morning will not only make you thin, but also become a very healthy lifestyle, making you skinny and healthy.