“Warm…you…You don’t go too far!”Wen Yunyun’s tears drop in time,Cry so much,So pitiful。

Crying and not forgetting stomping,Cover your face,Turned and ran away。
Warm heart and speechless,Wen Yunyun is definitely a master of drama。
This scene fell into the eyes of the students,Wen Yunyun helped Qin Shuhui seek justice,I was scolded and ran away。
This was again the number one event in the campus forum that day。
For this matter,Classmates are not like the previous few times,It’s all cursing against warmth,This time it was different。
There is a watershed on the Internet,One side is standing warm,One side is Wen Yunyun。
Standing warm and warm is nothing more than liking warm and warm, a character with distinct love and hatred,Go forward courageously,Fearless quality。
Where’s Wen Yunyun’s side?,Maybe it’s because of Wen Yunyun’s tears.,To fight for Wen Yunyun,It’s not warm and warm。
Wen Yunyun is also a goddess-level figure in school,Beautiful people。
The classmates saw her being scolded and crying by her own sister,Don’t mention how distressed。
One after another to comfort Wen Yunyun,Belittle warmth。
Listening to the comfort of the classmates,Wen Yunyun got great satisfaction in her heart。