Dieting new gameplay control appetite 10 fun tricks

Dieting new gameplay control appetite 10 fun tricks

Do you want to lose weight, but you can’t control your mouth, and you can’t control your appetite?

Then, do you want to let yourself have a good appetite to destroy your weight loss plan?

Come and take a look at the netizens’ appetite control and fun tricks!

  Self-motivation method, self-motivation method netizen blue: put photos of the world’s fattest people on the refrigerator.

“I found the photos of the world’s fattest people on the Internet, printed them on the refrigerator and reminded myself.If you eat again, it will become like him!

“User cheer: Self-timer bikini photos are placed in the A4 size on the dressing mirror and then use the red pen to draw the position of the excess meat” and learn the whole type of doctor, use the red pen to mark in the dissatisfied place!

The shortcomings of this figure are really unobstructed, super effective!

“Look at the beauty star to motivate yourself, the goal guide law user Lina?
**: Look at the beauty star to motivate yourself. “I will go to the auction site to see the beans show clothes?”
There are information about the beans (height, weight, etc.) inside, and I feel like I want to be as thin as they are?
Or watch YouTube, find some dancing stars, like Boa, Amuro, Ciara and so on?
Looking at it, thinking about dancing as thin as they are?
“Netizen’s plate: Hold back and don’t eat to save money, lose weight and get fat.” Whenever you don’t want to buy a cake of 65 yuan, or hold back the pearl milk tea that doesn’t drink 25 yuan, I will save these.The money is saved, and after a while, the money saved is saved to buy things and reward yourself?
Maybe I can buy 1 pair of earrings if I save money in 1 week, I will be very proud!

“Users small balls: hungry stomach to sleep as a daily goal” Desire City’s heroine said that he will go to sleep every day, so that he does not eat too much, I also began to implement this goal, hold back not to eat, slowlyJust quit the appetite at night?
“Three, relatives and friends to help the powerful netizen Huang Xiaomi: find a friend to help pressure “I will force friends to say to me: “eat again, you fat, fat” OR “you have already eaten this way” netizen chubbyTurtle: The boyfriend’s spirit is the most heart-felt. “My boyfriend saw Kang Xi’s visit to Liu Ruoying. She spoke a very classic sentence.

The feeling of being hungry is the arrival of beauty, now every time he?
Heaven said this to me!

Is it a spiritual call?

“Netizen Xiao Bing: Looking for people with good builds to go shopping.” To buy clothes with more slim people, you can also motivate yourself to lose weight!

Looking at the attitude of the clerk actively serving him, it strengthens the will of me and I want to become thinner. Fourth, self-hypnosis method netizen tangerine: Imagine fattening food = fat meat “I think the sweet food is the fat of the body, onceAfter seeing sweets or instant high (fried), there will be sweets in the head = fat, fat fat = weight gain = increased exercise, it can be considered a way to hypnotize yourself.

“Five, strong stimulation of the netizen Huang Xiaomi: watching horror movies to stop the appetite.” I am hungry, I am thin / I am, I do not eat, so I (姨) burning.

Watch horror movies.

Bloody bloody horror film.

Nothing can be eaten anymore.

Especially the kind of cut meat.


Oh my God.