Because of the appreciation of Du Cha,She is promoted。

But the contemptuous eyes around,But not less。
This is why she is so helpless!
“where are you?Who blocked it??”Fang Yu said strangely。
Salsa this time,Should not be in the sales office?
“Long story,I rest today……Then just about to go out shopping,Found it was blocked outside……Can’t get out at all。then,I received a call from Xu Zhao。You can let me out,But must promise him a request!”
Sasha murmured。
Very depressed。
She didn’t want to promise to recruit。
and so,I can only find Fang Yu。
“it is good,I know!I’ll come over now!”
Fang Yu knows。
Hung up,Take a taxi。
And at this moment,Sasha looked outside through the window,Frowning。
“Salsa,You just follow me!I can give you whatever you want……What else are you dissatisfied with?You are among so many women,The only one I care about the most!”
Xu Zhao said loudly。
Salsa is silent。
Don’t want to bother!
“If you don’t promise me,I’ve been here waiting for you……I don’t believe it,You really don’t have to go out!”
Xu Zhao Leng said。