After retalian, the boss was defendant to the court court to determine the insulting

Zhongxin Net Hangzhou November 17th (Guo Qi) After the man Chen Hu Chen, after the online evaluation, the front boss Zhou, post "Spook", a "bumpy" on the last job, and I will tell the court by Zhou.

The reporter learned from the Hangzhou Internet Court on the 17th that the hospital was pronounced in the famous rights dispute. It identified that Chen released in the conventions did not constitute an honorary infringement, dismissed Zhou’s claim.

The plaintiff Zhou is the person in charge of a company. For the company’s operational needs, the information of recruitment assistant designers is released online.

When the defendant Chen saw the recruitment information, he contacted Zhou and successfully entered the company after a series of candidates. After a period of time, Chen found that the unit information of the card per day and the company’s information on the labor contract was inconsistent.

To this end, Chen has a dispute with Zhou, and finally chooses to leave.

However, after leaving, the company has not settled with its settlement, so Chen has posted a problem in the network platform, causing disputes. Zhou Yicheng said that Chen was issued in the Internet to "small smart", there is a "default wage" and other issues, reminding the job seeker "far away from him." The above speech seriously affects the reputation of Zhou Zhou and its reputation in the company, so that Chen has deleted the content, apologizes and compensates for losses.

Chen said that the content of its issuance is due to the experience of the inventory, until it is discovered that the content of the work is not related to the recruitment company, and Zhou’s arrears is the fact. Chen as the company’s pre-employee, truthfully reflecting the situation of the company, did not destroy others’s malicious, and took the initiative to delete this post, and I would like to apologize from Zhou.

The court trial believes that on the one hand, the speech involves the name of Zhou, but the subject object is for the company.

In addition to "far from him" in the context, other remarks are not for Zhou. The above remarks neither constitute an insult, and there is no slander nature, just Chen combined with its own work experience and the subjective evaluation of Zhou. "On the other hand, even if it is recognized that Chen released all the words involved in Zhou, it does not constitute an honorary infringement." The case is interpreted, Chen has released the above negative remarks, which is established in the actual job and Zhou. Based on the difference. Although the words are more fierce, the statement is slightly exaggerated, but the recruitment unit does not match the actual card, and the arrears of salary is the fact, so the involved speech involved in Chen does not constitute an honorary infringement.