Workplace villain must guard

Workplace villain must guard

The following introduces you to 10 types of villains in the workplace: 1, three rumors, three rumors are people who like to listen to rumors, create rumors and spread rumors.

These people completely ignore what is the truth of the matter. Once it has the value of dissemination, they will become the big horns without any reservation.

When colleagues leave, they will begin to spread rumors that the leavers are because of acquisitions, personality problems, hypnosis, immorality, etc.

They like to use rumors to poison their partners and affect the people around them.

In the workplace, such villains are afraid that the enterprise will not be chaotic!

  2. Irresponsible villain Irresponsible villain is someone who is not responsible and irresponsible.

This type of villain often does nothing to do, they will “eating snakes” (laziness).

Actually something happened. Their first reaction was to shirk responsibility. They would often say that it was not my fault!

They often scold others, and they like to deny their faults and then make excuses for nothing.


  3, split villain split villain, they have a special ability, that is, they can do different things, talk about doing another set, like exaggerating the foregoing, when speaking, the world is invincible, when doing it is powerless.

They can handle their expressions and their own processing separately.

Such villains often only pack themselves, but have no strength.

I will exaggerate to attract everyone’s attention, and then make a promise that I cannot fulfill.

  4, the little greedy man is the lover who loves the small and the cheap. They will betray the team and the partners who work together because of the greed and the cheap.

This villain often focuses on short-term benefits rather than long-term cooperation.

In the workplace, they may be the ones you trusted in the first place. He knows how to use your trust in him and betray you!

  5, fickle villain We know that change is necessary.

We also know that the only constant in this world is change!

In the workplace, if you change your behavior and attitude, you are accepted, but this villain likes not to change himself, but to change the rules of the game.

They often cannot see each other’s performance, the more money they make, the more they will start to change the rules of the game.

At the same time, they not only change the rules of the game when they are external, but also their work partners do not let go.

They can’t see that employees get big dividends and bonuses according to the rules set, and they will start to change the rules.

The key here is that they will often change the rules of the game based on their own self-interest and disadvantage.

This has led to a large flow of partners working with him.

  6, poor villain dressed as a poor person, it is easy for people to vote for sympathy.

They pretended to be pitiful in front of us, hoping that we could sympathize with him and then answer the party’s demands, especially the unreasonable ones.

Many times, because of our soft hearts, we can easily fall into villain’s tricks, although we are sometimes quite sober!

We must remember that the poor must have cruelty.

  7. We both know the losers, both in the mall and in any team, we are pursuing everyone to move forward and cooperate in a win-win direction.

We can notice that in some cases, the result we get is not a win-win situation but a unilateral win and the reset is the loser.

The most terrible thing is that both lose and hurt. This is the situation of losing and losing. You can’t just lose by yourself, but also others.

This villain, whenever he feels that he is suffering, he immediately drags other people into the water too.

To die, everyone die!

To lose, everyone loses together!


  8. Every bad guy’s bad news turns into bad news when they get to him. They like to pour cold water. Not only are you not inspired or recognized, they also make you frustrated.

This villain is easily jealous of the achievements of others, they will try their best to obliterate your achievements, causing your hind legs.For the workplace, they are a group of villains who do not help.

  9. Worry villain This villain has a recognized mind. They often deal with affairs with a worrying attitude. Their worrying attitude often makes everyone more worried and begins to lose confidence in the completion of the transaction.

They surrendered before they even started, worried that they could not do well, and had no action at all.

The key point is that they will affect the people around them, and they will be confused in the team!

  10, the two villains play tricks, tell one set in front of you, and tell the other back to others.

They are like two-headed snakes. Their relationship with you has never been clear. They are super good to you in front of you, but they betray you in front of others, saying that yours is not.

They like to talk to you, and then say that you are speaking. They can even get your sympathy with a look of aggrieved look in front of you, even if you disagree, he can say that you said it!

This villain is extremely difficult to do, because we have no idea what he is thinking?

When will they really treat us.

  Friends at the workplace, let’s face it frankly!

Have we ever accidentally used the above villain’s tricks?

We should not always feel that we are the victims of things, because each of us has control over things, because we can all become players of our lives.

If you have always thought of yourself as a poor victim, you have to remember that I said earlier that poor people have something to do.

This trick can be used at most once!