Just take a few more steps,Can escape this battlefield,Just stay away from that Zuma leader,With the light knife in Liu Yiqing’s hand,Horned Dragon Battlegear,It’s not a problem to deal with ordinary Zuma monsters。

just,Liu Yiqing’s footsteps suddenly became a little sluggish,Although he didn’t look back,But know,The people behind,Is dying for myself!
And the master of defense strictly guards the copper,Also struggling to support,With one’s own power,Bear the heavy blow of the Zuma leader,Don’t let the Lord Zuma have the chance to chase him personally。
Because of the loss of air support from the pilots,The pressure to keep the copper is huge,He must maintain the integrity of the basalt shield,I have to face the attacks of those Zuma monsters from all directions,The situation is precarious,The danger of being overwhelmed by monster frenzy at any time。
“Don’t kill it,We are all going to die!”A heavy voice from the communication channel came。
Liu Yiqing frowned,Shook his head,I thought this idiot was still holding on,Won’t he break through?Sorry,I won’t be with you!
“It’s all dead anyway,Better to take a gamble!”But then,Liu Yiqing’s thoughts directly took a 180-degree turn。
He didn’t know why such a thought suddenly popped in his mind,And getting stronger,Has reached the point of lingering。
The bottom authority of the Horned Dragon Battle Armor is in the hands of others,Instead of being closed,Dead,It’s better to fight his mother!Did he die so violently??
Perhaps the heroic sacrificed flying soldiers behind me moved Liu Yiqing,Made him make a decision that even he did not expect。
Once the night Korean super power,White-haired Major General Liu Yiqing turned around resolutely,Break into,Brandishing a knife and rushing towards the Zuma leader。
this moment,He feels alive!Live more brilliantly than ever before!