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Sportsman Care Get Rid of “Strawberry Nose”

Most men have skin problems with large pores. Except for objective factors such as environmental pollution, most of them are caused by incomplete cleaning and wrong care methods.
The T area is a strong area for oil secretion, and the pores tend to gather dirt and easily form a “strawberry nose”.
Don’t want to be named “Strawberry Man”, just take a look at the care tips below!
  The nose with strong oil secretion is a clean dead corner, so it becomes a happy gathering place for black heads.
To clean up these dirty and stubborn blackheads, you must have patience and methods.
Of course, don’t go too far and avoid over-cleaning.
Therefore, the best way to get rid of blackheads is based on their severity.
  1 Mild “Strawberry Man” with a small amount of blackheads is a more common skin problem and the type that is the easiest to resolve.
Generally, this type of blackhead is a shallow type with a short formation time (prone to youthful pores). The blackhead has a lighter color and floats on the surface.
  Peel-off “berry” method: People with this kind of skin are usually more acid-resistant, and the pH value is much higher than normal. Adjusting the skin’s pH value is a good way to solve this type of “strawberry man”.
Medium-concentration fruit acids have the best conditioning, and ordinary fruit acid products on the market have a low concentration, so it is best to use professional fruit acid brand products.

Soak a cotton pad with a sufficient amount of fruit acid, then apply it on the nose and wait about 5 minutes before cleaning it.
Fruit acid has a good effect of peeling off keratin and mediating the skin, but because it is more irritating, it is best not to use it on the entire face, and of course sensitive skin is prohibited.

After using fruit acid, apply some firming toner.
  2 Severe “Strawberry Men” Even if the blackheads are serious in terms of area and depth, there are still ways to solve them.
This type of blackhead is dark in color, especially with large blackhead acne in the creases of the nose wings.
  Induced “berry” method This “strawberry man” is common in aging-type pore problem groups.
Due to poor skin metabolism, the accumulation of aging cutin is more serious.
For this type of blackhead, the most thorough method is to clean it in a large area.
But pay attention to the intensity of use. Excessive force may hurt the “Ben”, and gentle “induction” is a good way to solve the “strawberry man” that starts to age.
  1.Use a hot towel to apply heat to the nose area, and then apply a cotton pad soaked with blackhead drainage solution to the blackhead area, and wait 5 to 10 minutes.
  2.Then use the round head of the sterilized acne needle to scrape up the black head that has floated from top to bottom.
Note that when scraping, you must press down firmly, and then scrape again, so as to completely remove the blackheads.

After treatment, pat the essence that tightens the pores to calm down.
  3 Stubborn “Strawberry Men”: From the difficulty of cleaning, this type of blackhead is the biggest.
Because it is not only deeply buried, but also recovers fastest after removal, the color is dark and the distribution area is mainly on the sides of the nose and wings, but the area is slightly smaller than the heavy type.
  Extraction type “berry” method Excessive oil secretion and serious pollution of living environment are the main reasons for this blackhead.
In the face of such a “strawberry man”, patience is most needed, because it has the nature of “bloom and spring”.
Although these blackheads are stubborn, it is not difficult to get rid of them. As long as daily cleaning and deep cleaning are done, they can be greatly improved.
  1.For deep cleaning, you can use a cleansing oil (or baby oil, makeup remover) and a deep cleansing mask to solve it.
Apply the cleansing oil to the blackhead area that needs to be cleaned, then massage in a circular manner for 3-5 minutes, wait for all the black dirty things to come out, then wipe it off with a cotton pad and clean with warm water.
  2.After cleansing the oil, apply a deep cleansing film (the best paste type) to the blackhead area. It must be thick so as not to see the skin.

  3.In order to enhance the effect, the area covered with the mask can be covered with cling film, and then covered with a hot towel on the cling film.

Such cleaning 1 every week?
2 times, you can make stubborn blackheads completely disappear.

  ”Strawberry Man” puzzle answer: Q1: Can the pores shrink?

  A1: There is room.

But the right care is needed.

It is best to take the right medicine according to the cause of the enlarged pores (large pores caused by excessive oil secretion, and gradually caused by relaxation).

Large pores caused by excessive oil secretion. Oil absorption and oil control can be used to regulate oil secretion, taking into consideration both inside and outside; reducing the increase of enlarged pore size, in addition to cleaning and controlling oil, we must pay more attention to anti-aging.

  Q2: Can blackheads be eradicated at once?

  A2: No.

Everything has a metabolic cycle, and blackheads are no exception.

It takes patience to get rid of blackheads. After the blackheads that have been exacerbated are cleared for a few days, new blackheads are forming again. This metabolic cycle needs to be coordinated with daily care with special attention to reduce it.

  Q3: The nose is blackened and the pores become enlarged?

  A3: Yes.

Constant use of the nose patch can damage the cuticle of the skin.

Use a deeper, deeper mask that is more gentle and cleansing better.

After cleaning the nose, be sure to use a product that strengthens the astringent pores to make them closed.

  Q4: Did blackheads appear because the skin was not thoroughly cleaned?

  A4: One reason.

Blackheads are residues of oil hardening. The reason is that the oil in the skin is not discharged in time, and the oil has hardened the tubular pores over time.

The nose is the most oily part. If it is not cleared in time, a large number of dead skin cells are mixed with grease and precipitated, forming small black spots.

Therefore, removing excess oil and controlling oil is the key.

  Q5: Can I make my pores smaller just by washing my skin?

  A5: This is an idea that many oily skins have.

Facial cleanser only removes oil and does not control oil lastingly.

And even oily skin needs to be moisturized, because ultraviolet rays, air conditioning rooms will unknowingly capture a lot of skin’s moisture.

Therefore, for oily skin, it is necessary to choose an emulsion that is refreshing and oil-free, and can control oil and moisturize.

  Q6: How to avoid the formation of large pores and blackheads?

  A6: Good living habits and a low-pollution environment are good ways to avoid large pores and blackheads.

Eat more vegetables and eat less fried and sweet foods. Cleansing products should be mild in nature and non-irritating.