Concubine Wen Ling is flying higher and higher,The vast palace is already on the ground like a blueprint,The whole country has a panoramic view。

Look down,Concubine Wen Ling’s eyes passed through the hollow eaves,I saw Zhu Minglang,I saw his hot eyes still locked in my own,Those eyes are inexplicably striking,It’s like flying into the nine-sky galaxy,It’s still staring!!
“Suzaku Sword!”
That spit out sword pose,It’s no different from being in the ear。
Wish Minglang sword swing,Waved towards the night sky,Waved at the concubine Wen Ling who wants to get rid of her aura and lock her body,In an instant,The sword body blooms like a fire lotus,The night sky seems to burn,A Celestial Suzaku,Coming among billions of stars,Born from the crimson autumn moon,Spread the wings of flames,Seems to be able to cover the whole country,That magnificent body makes the entire night sky seem crowded!
Sword in flames,Shaped as a Suzaku,All the streets of the capital for a time、houses、The small courtyard was brightly shining bright red,The palace walls are more like the rising sun……
People look up,Under the extremely intense burning night, I can see a woman with a graceful figure,Countless times, he wielded a shocking sword energy into the night sky,Every path of that Jianqi Qihong is like a river surging,Even as long as any sword inadvertently swept across the street,Will razed the long street to the ground!!
But this kind of sword power,But I can’t tear the sword fire Suzaku。
Suzaku falls to the palace,Royal palace、Buildings will become a piece of scorched earth at any time!!
“Wen Zhangmen,Don’t easily threaten my Zhu Minglang love in the future,Otherwise your palace,Your swordsman,including you,Will be crushed to dust by me!!”
Wen Lingfei Dahai,This swordfire Suzaku is too domineering,She might survive the fall of this sword,But the palace at this foot will instantly disappear,Tens of thousands of royal nobles、Court lady、The guards could die!
however,Just when the flaming Suzaku sword fire touched the eaves of the highest building,The raging flames in the sky turned into non-destructive fireworks in an instant,In addition to being gorgeous and beautiful,Nothing spoiled。
One plant and one tree、Brick by brick,And those palace ladies who seem to dream of purgatory、Guards,They didn’t even burn a single strand of hair,It’s just the fear of seeing the door shut,Spread from deep inside to whole body,Paralyzed all over, they generally fell to the ground……
Concubine Wen Ling falls in the gorgeous night sky of death,Fell on the towering eaves of the Princess Palace。
Her eyes are cold,Watching Zhu Minglang who has jumped onto the high wall of the palace。
Zhu Minglang looked back at her,From the eyes of this woman,Zhu Minglang interprets something more complicated,It’s just that there can’t be any results today。
“You can hide,But I can’t hide from you and my fate。”Concubine Wen Ling is peaceful。
If the way of practice,Is a journey to the sky,Hundreds of millions of Fanlings will slowly be silent in the lofty mountains,Finally met at the top of Tianmen,Only those few people。