Transplantation Promotion Beijing Enterprise Advanced Experience Promoting "Software" "Hardware" Double Improvement

The people’s network calls Hohhot December 8 (雅 楠) It is reported that in 2021, a total of 97 companies in Beijing landed in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and added investment billions. In the process of cooperation with Beijing Enterprise Cooperation, Qixian Enterprise Science and Technology Level, Business Model, Management Level, Production Mode has a large improvement and improvement, reflects stronger market adaptability. Advantageous resources complement each other and live free assets. Hulunbeier City Mo Li Da Vadaur Autonomous Flag (hereinafter referred to as "Mo Ban") take advantage of Beijing Mongolian collaboration favorable opportunity, relying on Beijing’s high-quality enterprise resources, put Beijing advanced enterprise management model and local advantages effective connection, boost industries The upgrade of the file, promoting the complementation of the achievement, and win-win cooperation.

Moqi’s Hulunbeier meat food company, designing production capacity of 1.5 million pigs, after 2014, after a variety of reasons have not been put into production, the factory has long been idle. Since the establishment of Beijing Mongolian Association, local and Beijing Food Co., Ltd. has established strategic cooperative relations to the Hulunbeier Meat Food Company Factory, and the equipment is upgraded, and the full disk live pig slaughter project. At the same time, copy the pig breeding technology, slaughtering technology and sales model of Beijing company, implement unified production standards and unified health standards, unified management, fill the short board of the Moqi scale-scale pig slaughter, gradually expand the scale, realize one hundred million yuan Assets, develop a pig industry, drive a batch of employee employment to build a guarantee base.

At present, 1000 households in the surrounding area have increased by 5,000 yuan, and more than 170 people have employed in business. Extending the industry chain to help the potato industry development.

Wulanchab City Shangdu County actively introduced Beijing high-quality enterprises and advanced management technology and philosophy, supplement the potato industry to develop short boards, cultivating potato seed potato, processing potato, cataract potato planting base, expanding the extension industrial chain, realizing an industry added value maximize.

Shangdu County Potato Over-Industry Chain has been rated as a national agricultural whole industry chain key chain and typical county.

Since the cooperation of Beijing, through actively introducing the advanced management technology and philosophy of Beijing, expand the extension of the industrial chain, establishing a potato seed potato, processing potato, cash potato planting base.

Thones built the country’s largest destroyed potato original group culture center in the local area, with 3 million tons of high-quality detoxification potato, extending from the group culture center to Daejeon, and produces the whole industry chain. The local introduction of Beijing’s advanced management professional and technical team, using "Company + Party Branch + Cooperative + Farmers (Poor Households) Model to Farmers, provide detoxification seedlings for farmers, company professional and technical personnel responsible for the whole technical guidance , Farmers are responsible for the production of materials, artificial costs and organizational production required, and the enterprises shall be recycled according to the contract terms, and the annual growth of 12412 farmers and herdsmen will be rich. With the use of Jingmeng collaboration funds 19.44 million yuan, 5 thermostats were built in the potato planting concentrated area layout, with a total of 4,500 tons, and built a characteristic agricultural project integrating potato and cool vegetables, warehousing, processing and distribution. It is powerful to improve the construction level of industrial infrastructure, driving around 2132 farmers planting potatoes and cool vegetables.

At the same time, Beijing Enterprises have established potato warehousing and establishment of potato warehousing in Shangchang, establish a comprehensive supporting mechanized potato, fresh cut production line, design capacity of 50,000 tons / year.

Through Beijing consumption help double-centronics, in a variety of forms such as the district procurement, the accumulated potato products billion. Introduce modern technology to enhance the level of traditional planting.

The white flag climate is cold, the sun is long, the temperature difference between day and night, the climate characteristics are complementary to Beijing Daxing District. After the two places, the watermelon planting is selected as a breakthrough in the industrial cooperation, introducing 4 well-known watermelon planting enterprises to settle in Xingyao Town Yonghe Village. By building a double-tube steel frame, installing the water storage tank, installing the inverter pipe pressurized pump, filter, fertilizer, etc., and introduces high-quality varieties such as sweet king, 777, Jingxin.

At the same time, Beijing Enterprises from the construction of shed, soil disinfection, watermelon seedling, planting management, and the whole process of the whole process of free guidance services.

In addition, there is an agricultural science and technology that introduces drone spray protection, which effectively enhances agricultural production efficiency. Up to now, landing companies have a total of 24 million yuan, and there is 1500 mu of land to plant watermelons. The project will drive 44 households in the project to increase the 12,000 yuan, including 14 households.

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