[Female Birth Control Ring]_ Birth Control Ring _ Function _ Cautions _ Alternative

[Female Birth Control Ring]_ Birth Control Ring _ Function _ Cautions _ Alternative

Women can use contraceptive ring contraception whether they have ever given birth or not, but many gynecologists do not recommend implantation of birth control rings for women who have not given birth, mainly because female birth control rings have very good effects, but there are certain alternatives.If it is a persistent parasite, I am afraid that it will affect future reproduction. So what are the alternatives to female birth control rings?

The intrauterine device is what we usually call the intrauterine ring, which is one of the most commonly used methods of contraception.

There are many types of IUDs, with different shapes. Commonly used are circular rings, r-shaped rings, T-shaped rings, etc., and they are divided into tailed and non-tailed rings.

At present, the clinically used loops all have tail wires. Such loops are easy to remove and the patient has less pain.

There will be these complications on the ring: 1. Backache, abdominal fall: It may be caused by contractions caused by too large or low birth control ring.

You can try the dissolving medicine first, if it is not effective, you can choose another new ring.

2. Infection: A few can cause ascending infection due to inadequate disinfection or aseptic operation.

After the occurrence, the ring should be taken first, and then treated accordingly.

3, IUD incarceration: Individual IUDs can be embedded between the uterine muscle walls.

The shallower can still be pulled out with the ring hook; the deeper should be dilated to 6?
No. 7, then bring the ring to the cervix, use two hemostats to straighten the ring wire and cut it out.

Operation should be slow and gentle.

If necessary, it can be hooked under the guidance of B-ultrasound to reduce the blindness of operation.

The ring is deeply embedded, and even those who have penetrated the pelvic wall out of the palace wall should be removed by laparotomy or laparoscopy.

4. IUD displacement: It usually occurs during the first year of the belt, especially during the first three menstrual periods.

The natural settling of the contraceptive device is related to the ring being too large, too small, not placed on the bottom of the uterine cavity, poor quality of production materials, insufficient support, loosening of the uterine mouth of the recipient, excessive labor intensity, or excessive menstruation.

Therefore, pay attention to follow-up observation in the first year after releasing the ring.

5. Pregnancy with rings: Pregnancy with rings may be caused by improper ring selection or placement, or even ectopic pregnancy.

The above are all alternatives to female birth control rings. These replacements are easy to appear regardless of whether you have experienced excessive birth control. Therefore, in order to ensure your health, please make sure to do the relevant after replacing the birth control rings.Nursing work, and pay attention to going to the hospital for B-ultrasounds regularly to see if there is a substitute phenomenon in the birth control ring.