The blood god is furious,Slap with both hands,Coming like two big mountains,It is also a powerful move,The right palm took this shot。And the left hand hits Wright’s head even more。

“boom~”Intersect,Under the collision,Power spreads around,Even the middle god feels oppressed,And the wall of the night city in the distance has collapsed more than half。
“Power esoteric?”Wright’s eyes lit up,He did not expect the blood god in front of him to practice the laws of the earth,Now his three profound mysteries have been completely integrated,But still failed to comprehend the fourth mystery,And the upper gods must master all the mysteries,If you feel the full power and mystery more,Maybe you can get started directly。I planned to kill him with a single shot,It seems that I will fight this blood god for a while。”
Wright’s thoughts just fade away,And the blood god has already launched a strong attack。
The blood god’s attack methods are mainly two types,One is the violent attack of the mysterious power,Slap with both hands;The second is tearing with claws,Contains pulsating mystery,Pulsating and tearing force when attacking,Quite insidious。As for the soul attack。。。Facing Wright’s Soul Power,An ordinary high-level god can’t shake。
Wright is based on gravity space,Gravity bound the blood god,Make him unable to perform。At the same time retract the spear,The same palm against the enemy,Sometimes in the palm【Power of life】,Sometimes【Pulsating Mystery】Hold fast as a mountain。
And the six middle-level gods are unable to intervene in this battle,Can only stand aside to resist the aftermath of the battle between the two。
Punch、Claw tear、Flapping wings。
Arm sweep、Elbow smash、Palm intercept。
The fighting power of the two shocked,If it happened on the Magnolia continent,Enough to tear the earth,Broken space。But this is the cemetery of the gods,Is the plane of god,Physical space is not that fragile。Even so, it makes the space tremble slightly。
A few minutes later。
Wright has already gotten started on the mystery of power。
Since getting started,The rest of the practice is mainly by deduction,In other words, this blood god is useless。
Wright’s backhand,Showcase of fusion。
【Earthly meaning·Wuzhishan】
Face this palm,The blood god’s face changed drastically,But still swing his claws to resist。
But this palm directly rubbed his paw,Directly defeated his supernatural defense,There is also a blood hole in the chest。
“So will?”The blood god retreats quickly,At the same time blood in the body penetrates to restore the wound,“Why is his attack so strong!”