Workplace Idol: Fight as I Do

Workplace Idol: Fight as I Do

Times have changed, and the public workplace idol has also undergone several changes, from Lei Feng, Shi Chuanxiang to Li Jiacheng, Jack Welch, and then to Bill Gates, Zhang Chaoyang, Liu Chuanzhi, and the niche workplace idol is more likely to be a teacher, Boss or colleague, friend, workplace idol double the meaning of a successful workplace image that we identify, but also reveals that we “like him or her” to love life, enjoy work, and enrich life.

  The spirit of others’ own example Xiaoyue 25-year-old Paralegal Entry time: 1 year Workplace testimonial: Good quality, worthy of my lifelong pursuit “Do you have a career idol?

Idol affects you?

In the face of the problem, Satsuki, who was first involved in the workplace, had some difficulties. After thinking about it, she slowly read the chapter: “Actually, I just experienced the collision period of workplace idols.

It turned out that since joining the job last year, Satsuki has been using a well-known lawyer as his career idol, and hopes that he can be like this celebrity lawyer: use fair law as a weapon to achieve justice for society.

Until recently, the scientist made Xiaoyue Shen’s revered idol imprisoned for serious fraud and deception.

“The role model collapsed, and I felt very shocked at one point.

Xiaoyue said that lawyers are a special industry, where competence and morality are equal.

Because of this particularity, she no longer easily takes a person as an example and an idol, and prefers a quality and a spirit as a role model for the workplace.

  ”Of course, at work, there are still many aspects of many people that I deserve to learn.

Xiaoyue said that his boss was a very capable person, and he was only in his early forties and was running a large-scale law firm.

The boss is knowledgeable in law, has rich experience in handling cases, and is calm and decisive in handling matters. Especially for some very difficult cases, he can always deal with matters without trouble.

Satsuki admires her supervisor’s business skills. In her daily work, she often learns by heart.

  ”Although there are no specific workplace icons, there are still some public figures who will subtly affect my work and life.

Satsuki added that she admired Rousseau, a famous French enlightenment thinker, especially Rousseau’s persistent spiritual quality.

  When Satsuki first contacted Rousseau when she first entered the university, she was just 18 years old. With reverence and love for law, and her unique youthful passion, she stepped into the gate of the University of Political Science and Law.

In the first class of the school, the teacher introduced them to many famous jurists and sociologists. Rousseau’s name began to be embedded in her mind. She also began to look for Rousseau’s books intentionally, like “Confessions”, “Social Contract Theory” and so on were all read during school.

  ”Many of Rousseau’s legal thoughts are very advanced, such as talented security, fairness and freedom, but what I admire the most is that he is in the adversity of the great escape, but still insists on his ideal and persistence.

Xiaoyue said that this quality of Rousseau has a great influence on himself, especially in the profession of lawyers, sometimes principles must be adhered to.

  Once, because of some principle problems, Xiaoyue and old colleagues also had some unpleasantness.

That was just after work. When discussing the nature of a case, due to some conflicts of interest, personal opinions diverged.

As a newcomer, Xiaoyue boldly talked about his own opinions and insisted on his own opinions. The colleague made a slight remark about this.

  ”I don’t regret my approach, but I should pay more attention to communication strategies in the future. Persistence does not mean stubbornness.

Xiaoyue admitted frankly.

Obviously, good at learning and progress made Xiaoyue born in the 80s a little more mature and rational than her peers. She was willing to think about everything for a few minutes, which also made her more suitable for this special profession.

  Idols are around Zhang Yi General manager of IT industry Join time: 9 years Workplace testimonial: During the National Day, a focus, success career In an office in the Information Technology Building of Sun Yat-Sen University, we met Zhang Yi.

A baby face, plus a pair of short-sighted glasses, Swenyoujia, unfamiliar people also said that the company’s general manager is a college student.

In fact, 5 years ago, Zhang Yi had already obtained the communication technology index from this university. Now he has founded a communication software company, writing his colorful life in the undulating business sea.

In addition, Zhang Yi also has a part-time job that is very envious of other colleagues-assisting the mentor to guide the research of master students at alternate times. On his bookshelf, the author found several master thesis thesis.

  Zhang Yi is a person with great career ideals. When talking about workplace idols, he has a lot of complications in one breath: Ma Yun, the president of Alibaba, Ma Huateng, the founder of Tencent, Shi Yuzhu, a business legend, and Wang Shi, the CEO of Vanke. In addition to these popular idolsIn addition, Director Zhao, who was only 20 years old on his company’s board of directors, was once his career icon.

  ”Every industry has its own leader, whether it is ability or possibility. In short, these people have succeeded, and their deeds will always inspire others.

The workplace needs idols. We hope to learn more from idols and follow the idols all the way.

When it comes to Bill Gates, Zhang Yi believes that Gates is a myth in the IT industry, and worship is artificial.

But at the same time, he felt that these popular idols were too far away from him, which was relatively imaginary. In comparison, he was more willing to treat the people around him as his workplace idol. One of the leaders of a telecommunications company was one of them.

  ”I met him in 1998. I went to learn to drive a car that year and met him at a driving school. His surname is Xie. Although I am a lot older, the two of us talked speculatively.

Zhang Yi said that he admires some qualities of General Xie.

At that time, the CEO ran a very large company.

However, the mall is always risky. During a financing process, he was acquired and controlled by the other party, and gradually lost his right to speak. In the end, nothing was left, and everything was facing a restart.”I admire President Xie’s ability.

Facing a major blow, he was able to deal with it calmly, and through his own hard work, he quickly reorganized his fanfare. One of the important points was concentration.

“A year later, the company that Mr. Xie relaunched was on track and operating well.

“As a veteran, he still enjoys coding.

Zhang Yi believes that the spirit of focus on the cause of President Xie has a great influence on himself.

  ”That was a thing in 2004. At that time, I was working in a state-owned enterprise, working steadily and earning a lot of money, but I felt that this unit had a low vision, lacked a spirit of innovation, and had no good prospects for development.

“In the face of unanimous opposition from his family, Zhang Yi found this general teacher and friend Xie, and after a deep discussion, Zhang Yi resigned resolutely and started to build his own software company.

  At the beginning of the company’s establishment, due to the inaccurate positioning, his business had spread widely, the capital turnover had problems, and the company was facing a crisis.

“I wanted to do everything and it turned out nothing.

Fortunately, under the reminder of General Xie, Zhang Yi quickly pinpointed the market positioning. Now he specializes in the research and development design of government emergency communication projects and has achieved certain benefits.

“The bread is too big, you can’t swallow it all in one bite, choose the one that suits you, and focus on making it. You will succeed. Google and Baidu are typical examples.

“Now, my idol and my idol have become friends. In our free time, we get together to drink tea, talk about our work experience, talk about our feelings about life, and feel comfortable.

Some time ago, some of us have just traveled together in a field trip.

Zhang Yi concluded that idols are around, and they must be good at discovering and learning.

  I am someone else ‘s idol. Chen Hui, 36-year-old sales supervisor Joined: 15 years in the workplace Testimonials: sales of three treasures, hard work, integrity and innovation “A top sales staff must have the wise minds of politicians, the keen eyes of artists, diplomatsThe postman is never afraid of worn feet.

“In a training room in an office building in Tianhe, 36-year-old sales executive Chen Hui is giving a lecture to the newly recruited sales staff. He is talking about the world famous sales master Red.

  Chen Hui is a busy person and it is difficult to set aside a special time to receive the author. Unfortunately, we had to take advantage of his break between classes to talk to him about the topic.

“To be a work idol, I am the idol of other employees in our unit.

Chen Hui laughed heartily, confident.

  Chen Hui said that it is not easy to reach this step.

At the age of 20, the college entrance examination was dropped. Due to his impoverished family background, he was reluctant to repeat and went to Guangzhou to work alone.

Without a diploma or skills, he can only choose a sales industry without any cloud to become a salesman in an electronics company.

  It’s easy to get started, but really hard to do.

“At the beginning, with the strength of the stock, I went out early and returned home late to go door-to-door to sell. Who knew that I had been busy for more than a month without signing a single order.

“Chen Hui was very frustrated at that time, feeling very confused.

  At this time, Chen Hui felt that it was necessary to set an example and a goal for himself.

So Chen Hui went to the Guangzhou Library to borrow a “Sales of Celebrities”.

“I was immediately attracted by the story of the salesman Yuan Yiping. It may be that his name is easy to remember, or that my image is the same as that of his. He is not tall and has a low profile.

“Chen Hui said with a smile.

So far, he still remembers some famous quotes by Yuan Yiping: “My success is not because I am a genius, but because I am good at learning. I know that I should get up every day when the sun rises, and I cannot sleep late.

Life is constantly running and constantly pursuing.

“From the story of Yuan Yiping, Chen Hui also summarized a series of sales techniques.

First of all, we must learn to accept rejection. In the process of rejection, continuous improvement and continuous improvement are a process of tempering perseverance. If we persist, we will achieve results.

In fact, it is integrity, consider the problem from the perspective of customers, and maintain credibility in order to obtain long-term cooperation.

Finally, there should be an innovative spirit, fully grasp the performance of the products being promoted, have a detailed understanding of the customer base, improve communication skills, and expand sales channels.

  ”Opportunities always favor those who are prepared.

“Chen Hui said that he didn’t read much, but he would persist after a certain reason. For many years, the story of Wang Yuanyiping, the salesman, inspired him.From more than 500 yuan to several million monthly salary, Chen Hui believes that the inspiration of workplace idols is indispensable.

  Today, Chen Hui leads a sales team of more than 30 people, including many outstanding university graduates.

“I’m no longer on the sales front, and I’m mainly responsible for management.

“Chen Hui said that many new employees like to use him as a role model in the workplace, and whenever they encounter problems, they like to discuss with him.”Being an idol in the workplace for others is both a glory and an inspiration to me.

After speaking, Chen Hui smiled apologetically and hurriedly entered the training classroom again to start the class.

  Planning: What kind of workplace icon do you need?

  Not everyone needs a career icon, in fact not everyone has a deep desire to succeed.

Psychologists have found in research that not everyone can have fun from their careers, and this difference between people is determined by “achievement needs”. The so-called “achievement needs” refers to controlling and masteringOr organizations to overcome difficulties, complete difficult tasks, achieve higher results, and expand their desires.

Achievement requires someone who pays more attention to internal standards, such as emotions, marriage . It is difficult for them to get a sense of accomplishment and happiness from their profession. Therefore, more people who need achievement will be more beneficial to themselvesTo create a clear workplace goal-like him or her!

  ”Not every successful person is suitable for your career idol. You must find a meeting point in purpose, character and value.

Symbol Yiqun believes that workplace idols are not limited to someone, but can also be a certain quality or a certain experience. The main purpose is to be able to inspire or replace you.

Moreover, at different stages of your career, you need to adjust your idol positioning according to different promotion needs and turn it into a targeted one.

No matter what period of your career you are in, you must be able to find a career icon that has the traits you need in order to find the best way to succeed.

  It is especially important to examine yourself before perfecting your career idol. Do you need complementary idols or similar idols?

For example, women are more emotional than men, so it is important to overcome their gender gaps in the workplace. Therefore, women intervene in a workplace idol that complements their own personality and excels in rationality.Use your idol’s words and deeds to wake up yourself all the time.

  In the eyes of career planners, the positioning and role of workplace idols will be slightly emphasized in certain specific occupations. Typical marketing, management, IT, real estate and other industries, Fu Yiqun analyzed: “These industries have some distinctive characteristics, to some extentIn the marketing industry, the operation itself is to continuously establish new workplace icons.

And another distinctive feature is that these are industries that may allow you to quickly operate successfully or become rich, with fierce competition, clear assessment standards, and the most direct feedback.

In comparison, in some industries that require long-term dormancy and progressiveness, the positioning of workplace idols is not so clear, such as writers and doctors.