Zhang Chulan looks at the back of Feng Baobao leaving,Speak loudly,Then order all the ghost soldiers to attack the two of Xia He,Dare to steal his grandpa’s body,Showing off in front of my own eyes,Don’t torture these two people,Zhang Chulan’s avatar feels sorry for what they did。

A moment later,Xia He and Lu Liang are under constant attack by ghost soldiers,Already exhausted,After being interrupted by a dozen second-tier ghost soldiers,Bring it to Zhang Chulan’s avatar,then,Zhang Chulan’s avatar only left these dozen second-order ghost soldiers to protect herself,The rest of the ghost soldiers return to the body,Walked to Xia He, who was covered in blood,Said quietly。
“Name your organization,Who are all members,Where are those people,otherwise,I don’t think you want to experience my method。”
“The little brother hides so deeply,It’s a pity that sister is just a little girl,Don’t know anything,Destined to be tortured by my little brother,I can only hope that my little brother will start lightly,Sister afraid of pain。”
Xia He lay on the ground,Jiao Didi said,The tone is indescribable,This time they were careless,Unexpectedly, Zhang Chulan, who was identified as an ordinary person on weekdays,Can summon such a weird Yin Soldier,Made them both have a big somersault,But facing Zhang Chulan’s inquiry,Xia He said that she really didn’t know。
“No problem,I just hope you can explain it honestly,after all,You can get the secrets you want to know from my grandpa’s body,Don’t I know this method?Or,Do you think,I am a soft-hearted trash,I can’t walk when I see a beauty?Lianxiangxiyu?Ha ha,Dare to disturb my grandpa’s peace after death,I will treat your two guests well,then,From the bodies of you two,Know everything i want to know。”
Zhang Chulan smiled and said,The tone is very plain,But it contains boundless killing intent,then,Looking at another teenager who bowed his head silently,Leaning on the tree,Quietly turned his head and looked at the surrounding black mist,At this time, two Tier 2 ghost soldiers holding long swords pulled the young man aside,Ignore the opponent’s struggle,Long sword swing down,Linger the opponent。
“Don’t you want to know what secret your grandpa knows??He is the only stranger who has read your grandpa’s memory,You killed him,You will regret this。”
Xia He watched her companion Lu Liang being Ling Chi,Face pale,Speak loudly,Trying to save the life of my companion。
“Sorry,I’m not interested in,anyway,My grandpa is dead,He didn’t tell me his secret,I don’t want to think about it,In that case,I just obeyed my grandpa’s arrangement,Don’t inquire about this secret。”
“I just need to know who killed my grandpa,Who is my enemy,That’s it,Totality,Very strange name,Why can’t you guys have a more popular name?The name doesn’t sound like that which makes people feel very powerful.。”
Zhang Chulan said indifferently,For oneself,There is no slightest disgust or discomfort,The enemy doesn’t even say that the dead are great,Then he will not have any morals with the enemy,Not to be indecent,He is not a good person,Ontology is not a good person,He lost his loved one at an early age,An orphan who grew up in an orphanage,Haven’t learned anything to complain with virtue,What kind of virtue,Only learned to hide myself,as well as,Blood for blood,Tooth for tooth。
A moment later,After two ghost soldiers executed the young Ling Chi,The corpse was randomly dropped on the ground,Silently guarding the avatar of Zhang Chulan,Prevent an enemy from attacking Zhang Chulan who is just an ordinary person。