“Hey,Michelle,Where are you?Are you with Qiao Tianyu?,Please tell him,We might all be fooled,The finger we received this evening,Made of high-grade rubber,is fake!”

“what the hell!real or fake?Really become a god!”Michelle doesn’t know Qiao Tianyu at all。
But Michelle doesn’t understand,I learned that Lily was safe,Qiao Tianyu should be happy,But why does Qiao Tianyu still look like a bitter hatred,I didn’t even notice that it became easier。
However, Michelle’s question was quickly answered,I saw Qiao Tianyu lighting up a cigarette again,I smoked the cigarette in a few puffs,Finally, Qiao Tianyu threw the cigarette butt out of the car heavily,Talk to himself viciously。
First0271chapter Time zone strategy
“Lily, Lily,I forgive you again and again,Tolerate your waywardness,I didn’t expect you to become abusive,Team up with the Japanese to deceive me,This time you can’t blame me Qiao Tianyu for not admitting his six relatives!”
Michelle got it,This time Lily really chilled Qiao Tianyu’s heart!
But Michelle really doesn’t understand,Lily puts a sweet pastry like Qiao Tianyu,I have to help the Japanese deal with Qiao Tianyu,Did her head really get kicked by a donkey?
But anyway,The first obstacle in front of Qiao Tianyu and Michelle was finally solved,The opponent’s trader also surfaced。
But unfortunately,The opponent that Qiao Tianyu faces this time,It will be Junji Sato and Lily’s“Double insurance”combination。
Although Junji Sato is not yet Qiao Tianyu’s opponent,But Lily’s strength should never be underestimated。
You know Lily itself is a very large existence,Trading ability is no less than Qiao Tianyu,Plus she also has“Rebirth”Advantage blessing,Qiao Tianyu is not necessarily her opponent!
It seems to be a good plan,Have an ace trader’s peak duel with Lily Zhenger!
After returning to Jacob’s courtyard,Qiao Tianyu is in a bad mood,Just greeted Jacob symbolically,And went back to the room arranged by Jacob,Lock yourself here,Started to calculate。
For Qiao Tianyu,Now he is really racing against time,Every minute and second are extremely precious。
The experience of the previous life tells Qiao Tianyu,For the best ace trader,Make full use of the time zone difference on the earth,Is often the key to the final victory!