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Chen Xiu said:“No matter how good the inner alchemy is,I can wait a thousand years for it to advance!”
Gu Rimou hates iron but steel:“Benefits of inner alchemy,Let alone a thousand years,Even two thousand years is worth the wait!”
Chen Xiu was thinking:“millennium,I’m not as old as that tortoise!”
He is now in the eighth rank cultivation realm,The legend can live four hundred years,But Chitose、Two thousand years old but far away,And also cultivate to the back,The more difficult it is to advance。
I can’t guarantee that I can live for a thousand years。
Gu Rimou is angry and indisputable、Said sadly:“Even if you don’t wait for him to form an inner alchemy for a thousand years,But snake gall is the essence of poisonous python。You just swallowed it,Not much medicine that can be absorbed,Really want to grab the heavens!
If the snake gall of this poisonous python is handed over to me to refine the pill,Enough for you to advance to the realm of the Eighth Stage Dzogchen!”
What he said,Chen Xiu also felt that he only ate the zongzi leaves without the ingredients inside,What a pity,But said not convinced:“I can still blame it,No one told me that snake gall can still make pills!”
Gu Rimou had to sigh,Suddenly remembered something important,He pulled Chen Xiu and ran towards the woods,Chen Xiu wants to struggle but doesn’t move,Just listen to his muttering:“That thing is more than ten times more expensive than a poisonous python,Don’t give it to others!”
Chen Xiu wondered what it was,He didn’t say,Just drag Chen Xiu away。Later, Chen Xiu was too slow,Directly carrying Chen Xiu on his shoulders,Rushed all the way,The oncoming wind made Chen Xiu almost unable to open his eyes,The retreating scenes on both sides have all turned into afterimages。
Chen Xiu once again has a more shocking understanding of Gu Rimou’s true strength!