Chen Xiu looked at the female drummer,I want to see her face clearly,Suddenly the drum sound in my ear stopped gracefully,All the illusions in my eyes dissipated,The whole person went back to the room in the small town hotel。

Chen Xiu wants to see the battle scene in the illusion again,It’s just no use how he touches the drum。
“This is the same illusion seen by Xiuchundao,Only have one effect!It’s just the illusion of Xiu Chun Dao Jin Yi Wei swinging the knife that healed my internal injury not long ago,This copper
333 Betrayed
“is it?!”
Gu Hua sneered calmly,At the same time, the eyebrows are raised to Huang Yifei。
“These two are weird!”
When Liao Wen secretly called bad, he was a step late,Only hear“boom、boom……”On a string of gunshots,At the same time a blood-red and sticky liquid、He took his body temperature so that his face was full。
All 15 people brought by Liao Wen were shot and fell to the ground,And behind Liao Wen’s head,Huang Yifei’s gun is lowering him。
“Huang Yifei!”Liao Wen gritted his teeth and shouted:“You are crazy!”
“I’m not crazy,I’ve never been so sober!”
334 The death of Liao Wen
“How did you run out!”
Liao Wen was surprised,It turned into a burst of laughter:“Gu Hua that bastard killed me so hard,He didn’t even know you even ran out。In the end, it’s not a basket full of water!”
It’s really Chen Xiu who is stepping on Liao Wen behind。