He also saw the plume of smoke in the distance before,Misunderstood that the factory was on fire。

As the safety officer of the slaughterhouse,This manager who has gained more than 300 catties,He just ran out of the speed of the high school sports meeting。
“Definitely not our dazzling,You see,The neighborhood is much darker than the surroundings,It is estimated that the black smoke just dispersed。”
Some workers looked up,Point to the surrounding and speak loudly。
Although they found this anomaly,But the workers checked for a while,I couldn’t find the cause of the black smoke.,There is not even a trace of the flame burning。
In addition, it is in a blind spot near here,The boss who rushed in,I had to leave two workers to guard in place,Prevent accidents from happening again。
Other people should eat,Time off work,Temporarily let go of this weird thing。
Long before the workers came,Wang Hong had evacuated the scene when he heard the movement,But he doesn’t mean to be complacent at all now,Instead, I have a headache for the results of the experiment。
The vision just now shocked so many people,The murder book in the transparent screen has been harvested。
“This soul-stealing scroll looks very picky,Although it can absorb animal souls,But most of them are in the form of black smoke,Shengteng radiated。”
“This half an hour,At least three or four hundred pigs died,Only two inside pages dyed red,Still tossing so much……”
If I can absorb my soul quietly,Even if it’s slower,Wang Hong doesn’t care too much。
But it took me more than half an hour,Black smoke billowed straight into the sky,Even the slaughterhouse and surrounding area,All become gloomy and cold。
Even if he can evacuate before others arrive,But if the frequency is too high,Will definitely attract the attention of the government,That’s the real big trouble。
The key is,The time to stain the pages of the murder book is also different。
The first page dyes red very quickly,Less than five minutes,The whole page becomes blood red。
But the second page only turned red in nearly half an hour,Also during this period,A striking black plume of smoke appeared。
“Is this stuff going further,The more souls you need?”